Top 10 Experts of igaming and affiliate marketing

Top 10 Experts of igaming and affiliate marketing

Hello and welcome to our series of interviews with the top ten experts of iGaming and Affiliate
Marketing. In interview 1: What traffic wants to see the affiliate point of view. In interview
2: The affiliate manager's perspective. In interview 3: Worker to Worker, a new work
practice. Interview 4 covers payment solutions and new developments in micro-payments. Discussed
in interview 5 is the release of new specific to industry domain extensions. Interview 6
covers operator language strategy and content management within the niche. In interview
7 hack attacks and web master's anonymity. In interview 8 an affiliate webmaster talks about
what it takes for affiliates to make it in the industry. Interview 9 is with ASKGAMBLERS.COM
the new watchdog for the industry, and in interview 10 we cover how affiliates can attract
traffic. Enjoy! I'm so happy, it's a brilliant URL
and it would be a waste not to use a URL like that, it's got huge potential. Promotions
Win Trips to Dubai new MicroGaming slots, they run special promotions all the MicroGaming
guys opt in for it. Write a review on that obviously all the players want to win a trip
to Dubia, so a news article goes a long way.Although, I don't think that players read reviews really,
I think it is more of what is on your Homepage. If you're got a top 5 guys on your homepage they
are going to click on it, they are not going to read through every review listening to what you're saying about the casino. I think it is basically about the homepage.
what you're saying. I think it is basically Homepage.
No, we actually! We have copywriters that literally go into the casino, sign up, sees how easy
that is, test out their call centre. So our reviews are pretty authentic. We don't give
everyone 5 stars. Some will get 3 some will get 4 and at the end we'll say"OK, it's a really good casino, but they don't have 24 hours customer service so
we'll rate them a 4.
We kind of
are pretty honest when it comes to our reviews in how we score the casino.
A lot of reviews on the site, like we've got 50+ casino reviews and then 50+ reviews on just their bonuses
Our copywriters actually using those casinos when creating their interviews obviously helps a lot.
If you keep putting content into that site daily. You literally have to do it daily.Our copywriters would be excellent at answering that. Mainly new promotions. When I sign up to an affiliate program
I would ask them, please send me promotions.
If you have a tournament send it to me
If you pump news articles of people's promotions
then that is also fresh content
It doesn't have to be reviews
No one wants to read through 1,000 casino reviews so…
we also do news articles and
and anything that goes under the news category
I'm Coreen, I'm with the affiliate
The problem is that
being an affiliate
from the casino point of view
you have to fight for them.
You have to offer more and more
for them
This is because the competition is
much greater than it was just a few years ago.
Now we are fighting for every customer, every first time depositor
AND for every affiliate
because the affiliate sector gives us
at least 50 – 60% of the

depositing clients
SO we really have to take care of our partners (
these conferences like we have here (at the AAC Amsterdam)
it is a really good way to
get in touch more personally with them
to find out what they need
to find out what other techniques / tactics are
used by the affiliates, what kind of new methods
the offline is basically a tough business
because when you are doing it offline
you have to be prepared that you will be in direct contact with the customers
You are in contact with them and you get much more information about them
and it is much harder for you to run a smooth business
the biggest difference is this
When you are doing an online business you don't have to
deal with trouble like you have to do in the offline

but when you are doing it offline
you get, directly in your face, everything
every type of complaint or feedback
and everything else which

can help you
develop a better business
in that you can change or react to
any type of problem or
and thanks to this maybe
you then have the potential to react
much quicker than you can perhaps do in the online field
however I still think in online that it is much easier for the providers to
find "The Golden Way"
to run their service
So basically the biggest difference
So basically the biggest difference
So basically the biggest difference
So basically the biggest difference
is this, you

can manage

to resolve anything from in-front of your PC
without confronting directly with the customers
you know those clients who are
losing or who are
who want changes
so online
is much easier and faster
The competition is really high, so
as the years have passed we've seen much better techniques
and much bigger competition
everybody is investing, they've started to invest money in it
There are companies -There is a big industry now
in the affiliate sector
who are just investing money to acquire more and more customers
for the casinos to get better and better deals
and as an amateur or if you just started
your first step in this business it is really tough to
get some
kind of profit or some kind of success
In offline the affiliate
doesn't exist right now
Everybody wants to be a millionaire after
a night
which is quite impossible in the casino business
right now, you cannot make revenue
you cannot make profits just because you have
a website or just because
you have 100,000 visitors
on your website you will not start to make money
you have to think about a strategy a long-term one
where you put enough effort in your
you invest in your
and finding a way, unique way, a different one
which can ,make you different than the other partners
because there are 100's of 1,000's of affiliates
who are just trying
to get some small piece of the cake
but there are some who rule the whole industry
who have the biggest shares in the affiliate industry
and who can be millionaires after a night, right? 🙂
and to never stop
the key is

to wait to invest to learn
and to never stop
to be confident in you
"Worker to Worker" means that

we do everything together
you know
each decision in a company is made by workers
The initial idea comes from
one worker and will be implemented by everyone
so that is the point, and
we don't have any strict rules
within the company

we don't have working time
You can work as much as you want

but by the end of the month
you have to show results
because the company trusts in the
workers and
I'm very happy to be part of it

The final result is to have
The final result is to have
high quality products in terms of
high quality products in terms of
gaming software
and betting software
so we have high quality products
for bookmakers and the betting industry
and that all comes together from those workers
From Bosnia &Herzegovina where the economic situation is not
so good and we are not proud
of that, but, I'm very proud
with a company that
is changing that
in some different way
employing people and giving them more
opportunities to learn to work
to educate on a daily, monthly basis
I'm very glad because we are here in Amsterdam
My name is Elvis Dzombic
and I come from the nsoft company based in
Bosnia & Herzegovina for more information
about us you can find on
Well I would see micro-payments as the easy way towards trading
or gambling at the end of the day
and it is a secure way because
we avoid charge-backs or any other
of those issues, but you also increase retention
So Micro-payments is
the frontiers of using new technology
because that mainly comes from mobile payments as well
and if you have a provider
that is integrated with multiple solutions
it means that you get to have micro-payments
through the connections that the PSP
will provide you
People come to us and the want to know how the payment systems work
how the charges are enforced
and created
and also because they all operate on the frontiers
of new technology which is i-Gaming at the end of the day
they want to know what legal
aspects are at issue for their industry
licensing, juristiction
payment systems
what solutions are available and how
do they get the solutions
In order to get the solutions
you need to have some pre-requisites associated with it
Those pre-requisites might be licensing
it might be staffing
it might be expertise and know-how
then again you have to take into mind
the global market
and affiliates all they need to know is that
they can have retention
pay in to pay-out
and we're here to advise them
because we're an FCA member at the end of the day
we're a member of the payment systems
so we can provide solutions

into having easy access
to their money or
to pay with their money
and that is what affiliates are concerned with.
But the companies that support affiliates
are the main customers that we serve
Casinos ensure that they have as many options as possible first of all by having licensing.
They need to have a license where they operate
Secondly they need to understand the jurisdictions
and the origins
that the customers come from
so if they're from the European Union
the European Union is a very fragmented industry
in terms of payments
so you are looking at different APMs in
each member state of the European Union
OK, the dominant members in this
and the dominant ways of paying it
is payment schemes
Visa and mastercard
so first of all they need to ensure that they comply
with the regulations of the payment schemes like we do
since we're a principle member
and secondly they need to understand the origins
that their traders or their gamblers are coming from
and in this case
they're coming let's say from a Scandinavian country

they need to make sure that they have a provider
a PSP like us which is
integrated with APMs in the region
and can offer these to their traders or to their gamblers
Yes I'm Michael Charalambides and I'm
the regional director for ECOMMPAY
and they can communicate directly to us
by going to our link
They will see that we have multiple countries
depending on which country they'd like to be communicated to from
so we can visit them on-site and be closer to them
in offering our support
The launch of the new GTLD program
As you just mentioned it is very difficult now for people to obtain
a domain name of choice with
a dot com, a dot co
so the new GTLD program is
a fantastic new project that has been launched
which releases new domain extensions
and they are very specific to either industries or generic terms
so for i-Gaming .poker
.casino are
extensions that are going to be released, well .poker has already been
released where affiliates
can obtain domain names
for example
and they can really specify their market
their end users and integrate their
services via this new Gtld program
There are multiple different phases to the new Gtld
program and it is very specific on
the company that you are the trademarks that you have
and what essentially you do as a

operator, or as an affiliate, so
if you are an operator and you have a trademarked term, and we will use Paddy Power
as the example
there are different phases that these Gtlds
are being released in so, Paddy Power
having a trademark, can be one of the first people
to use their own trademark to go
ahead and register the domain extension
that they want
so Paddy Power "if you like" have dibbs on
obtaining PaddyPower.Poker
they can use their trademark
and then as the phases go on we move into a general availability
where it is kind of like a free-for-all
and the first person who enters their selected domain name
is the person who can take it
For example if a trademark holder has not got it
It would be very difficult in a general availability scenario
for someone to obtain PaddyPower.Casino simply because of the trademark rights
that Paddy Power hold and obviously being a very reputable company
/ brand
it is very interesting stuff
I'm Johnny, you can get in touch with us by visiting
our website which is
I think it is important that companies think about their content seriously
so that it doesn't get lost, literally lost in translation
so that as those companies are developing they need to have a solid language strategy in place
it is really important if an operator for example
when they are setting up their brand they will spend a lot of time
on the brand and how they want that brand to feel and look
so then it is important that when they do enter new markets
that that's kept consistent
so it is really important that they don't forget that
that the brand is translated correctly
and efficiently. In the gaming industry
a lot of companies are small anyway so they

don't have the in-house capabilities
and what we try and tell these companies
whether they are games developers or operators or even affiliates
is that they need to take their language seriously, they can't
just get a German friend to translate for them into German
or into Spanish etc
because otherwise things will get lost, the consistency of the language
the feel of the brand or the game
will not be translated consistently so it's
important that they think about it properly
operators or games developers they'll come to us
when a particular site is not doing well in a particular market
and most of the time it is because the brand is not working
consumers are not connecting with the brand
and most of the time it is because the language has not been
written or thought about correctly.
It is like anything. If you went on a website
you wanted to buy something online
and the English was rubbish
you wouldn't buy anything from that site
so it is the same with players
they're not going to connect with the game
if it is written in a bad way, if the terminology is wrong
or if half of it is in French, half of it is in English
You're going to say "Who are these guys?" "They're a joke"
they're not taking anything seriously.You are not going to commit to pay and play
if it is not done properly
I'm Michelle Spiteri from ALLINTRANSLATIONS

Well, affiliates talk about all sorts of things
one of the things that there has been a lot of activity about is
hacking that is going on in the World
there is the case of a hacker that is hacking
10's of 1,000's of websites
and as you might imagine affiliates are up in arms about it
typically hacking a site and
syncing pages about online gaming on sites that aren't even related to online gaming
and then using that as a platform to earn affiliate revenue
it's a mixed bag of things.One
of the first things we did
was send out a letter
to 1,000 affiliate managers
from operators about what was
going on and a lot of companies stopped
working with them right away
But hackers
if an account is closed they will often-times open
up another account
so we've had cases where a hacker might have opened up
a dozen different accounts with one affiliate manager
program and
so it is kind of complicated to take them down
some have been very good.
Others have been not as aggressive
about taking the hacker down, so
it has definitely polarized the affiliate community
in terms of recognising programs that have
acted very responsibly
and some programs that have acted less responsibly
in terminating the traffic

Sure that is another topic that's
being talked about right now.we did a poll
this week about whether web
masters used
domain privacy or not
and that came out of a discussion
that took place earlier
about a notice that someone received
about the possibility of the rules being changed
so that for business websites
domain privacy
wouldn't be allowed anymore.
There is always
the topics of
whether affiliates are getting paid
anything you can imagine.Basically affiliates run small businesses
and they face all of the different
plethora of issues that
small businessmen face
Yeah well the industry certainly has dark corners
although I would like to think not as many dark corners as
it once had
and certainly creating transparency is
really important. That is one thing that I think which
known for
We do allow people to transparently communicate
what they think
We don't censor what is said
It is one of the few forums where you can criticize
the forum and get away with it
The GPWAcan be found
That's the:"Gambling Portal Webmasters' Association"
and we've been around for fifteen years
besides running a forum we have reporters
we publish a weekly newsletter
with news about affiliates, we publish a
magazine four times a year
we run a seal program recognising reputable
webmasters that abide by
a code of conduct
It is those things together that make a community for affiliates
You need a persistence in this business
to succeed. You do have to
be following the trends
you have to find new information
there is always something that has to keep you moving
and if you are in it just for the money
eventually you are probably going to get bored
especially in the beginning
as you don't see a lot of money!
Yes we are independent
a mediator between players and the casinos
We started with complaints
from the very beginning
in 2006
So it is about
being independent and being objective
we allow players to post complaints
against the operators
Throughout our history we've returned
MILLIONS of Euro / Dollars to the players
We've now started
giving casinos a certificate of trust
With 3 X terms
The casino has to have a
casino rank score of above 7.5
A complaints ratio of about 80% resolved
and that they have been on ASKGAMBLERS for at least 6 months
So only the best ones will receive a certificate of trust
which is a really prestigious thing
So, we are about allowing players to directly complain
on this website about the casino

So they click on the complaints button on the footer
and they are led to the submit complaint field
Now they can: Trust that casino
that they do not have anything to hide
and that we are there to help
They started to really pay attention to our recommendations
to our featured casinos
because we feature what we feel are really the best ones
with a long tradition, with a stable rank
with little or no complaints
so they really show good feedback
and really rely on our information
Yes it was definitely from acquisition
from newly depositing players
My first acquisition was
I wasn't expecting anything
at the beginning
and it was like something, OK
yes there is some potential to it
let's put in more effort
and that is when things get interesting
when you realise that you can achieve something
When you put in more effort, you get more
There are a lot of things to do in this industry
For other affiliates
I would like to say that
it is not an easy business
it involves a lot of things
a lot of effort
into just making sure that
all of your departments are organised
that all your folders are organised
You do this to ensure you're going in the right direction
We do a lot of things from SEO to
organic search
from social media
of course we also try pay per click
companies but I think the highest conversion comes
when you put your efforts into
SEO and good
content on social media
that is when you get noticed

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