The Top Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency


The Top Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency


Dr. Berg discusses about the importance of magnesium and how a major world population is having magnesium deficiency. It is important nutrient for the cardio cycle and helps in relaxation of the heart. In the first part of this video, Dr. Berg talks about magnesium deficiency symptoms and magnesium benefits for the body. Magnesium deficiency diseases could be related to heart, hyperactivity, spasms, sleeping, high blood pressure, even learning and memory problems.

In the next part, Dr. Berg speaks about the sources of magnesium and the major magnesium health benefits. Low magnesium in the body could be related to several factors such as diet, stress, vitamin d deficiencies, diuretics, alchol, antiacids. Overall, the video talks about the importance of magnesium for our body and the magnesium rich foods and magnesium supplements we can take to restore the magnesium levels back to normal.

Dr. Berg talks about the symptoms of a magnesium deficiency. This can cause: soft tissue calcium build up, sleep problems, arrhythmia’s, hyper irritability, cramps, high blood pressure, spasm and even learning and memory problems.

The causes can be dietary, stress, low vitamin D, alcohol, diuretics and anti-acids.

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