RC car 18B iPhone & iPad Wireless Cam Hack

RC car 18B iPhone & iPad Wireless Cam Hack

This is how to use a “Camera for iPad” App from the Apple App Store for use with a wireless camera for your RC car. Download the app, install them both on the iPhone and the iPad. Hook up the phone and the ipad on your WiFi Router. Open the app from both the iPhone and the iPad and allow them to ‘find’ each other. One they are sync’d you will see the camera images on your iPad. Strap the iPhone onto your RC car using a zip tie or any adhesive tape. Make sure you properly protect your iPhone with a casing and screen protector. Once everything is set, go control your car with the option to view your driving through the iPad. The frame rate will be dependent on the speed of your connectivity to the WiFi and the App’s capability. I’ve gotten it to a happy 15FPS, but I think you can go upto 20FPS on a good reception.

What to Get:
1. Camera for iPad (Apple App Store) or Camera-A for the iPad and the separate app of Camera-B for the iPhone (Also on Apple App Store)
2. iPhone 4 (preferably iPhone 4 because its squarish, easier to mount, but you can use any iPhone)
3. iPad (you can use the iPad2 as well)
4. RC car complete with RC remote
5. WiFi Router (your basic home router for internet with Wireless Connectivity)

Other Uses:
Spy Cam – you can take remote snap shots with the iPad
Rescue Missions – take the RC car to hard to reach places to find victims of earthquake disasters or slip and falls (use Bluetooth Connectivity if no portable WiFi Router is around).
RCXD – you guys playing CODMW: Black Ops knows this very well…
Etc. – there are plenty of other uses. Use your imagination!

*do this at your own risk, all is fun and games ’til you break something.

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