MY FAT LOSS DIET | Plant Based/Vegan IIFYM + Where I Get Protein

MY FAT LOSS DIET | Plant Based/Vegan IIFYM + Where I Get Protein

Erin May Fitness | MY FAT LOSS DIET | Plant Based IIFYM + Where I Get Protein

What is up fit friends? This video just gives you a little insight into my current weight loss diet. As you may know I now eat a plant based diet as well as follow IIFYM which is a flexible diet.

What I have been doing lately is a little different but I think it is working for me.
I had a body analysis test done that advised how much I burn each day. My RMR and Lifestyle came out at about 2000 cals burned (without exercise). I have verified this with a HRM. So basically I created a 20% deficit off this then if I do exercise I add back what I burnt in that session (minus the % of the above cals already burned). This was I am always in a deficit but I am then making sure I am eating enough to fuel my workouts.

This is obviously the long way round but I find that the fluctuation in calories also helps my body perform better.
To see the my current fat loss diet visit my Mission Mexico Bikini Body Play list
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The best plant based vegan protein that I mentioned was Sun Warrior.


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