LifeWave | Corsentials | Health Made Simple | is a system centered on | breakthrough formulas


LifeWave | Corsentials | Health Made Simple | is a system centered on | breakthrough formulas


One Potential Ebola Treatment You are Not Being Told About

In other news, yesterday morning,Potential Ebola Treatment we received a strange email from one of our Laissez Faire Today readers, Fred C., about a miracle “blue-green algae superfood [that] is light years beyond all others.” Your body’s renewal system depends on the number of adult stem cells into your bloodstream. Your own adult stem cells have the power to maintain and repair tissue cells as needed – a vital, life-sustaining process that helps to maintain your health and well-being.

Health Made Simple

Triple Action System Promotes:
• HGH • Nitric Oxide • SOD

The CORSENTIALS system is composed of LifeWave‘s exclusive technologies that transform health by providing you with powerful benefits not available in any other single product. Backed by cutting-edge scientific research and clinical studies, you can enjoy:
•Feeling results the very first day you use it
•A leaner and stronger body
•Youthful, radiant skin
•Immune system support
•Reduces stress associated with aging
•Reinvigorated sex drive and performance

CORSENTIALS makes vibrant health simple.

CORSENTIALS begins with our proprietary, patented non-transdermal patch technology. The LifeWave Aeon patch has been proven through multiple clinical studies to reduce stress and inflammation. Since stress is the leading cause of aging, Aeon helps support the overall balance of health through stress reduction.

CORSENTIALS also includes our patent-pending nutrition technology, Theta One and Theta Activate. What makes this system novel is our proprietary nutrient delivery system, which has over 90% of people tested feeling the results of these products within only minutes of use. Whole body health benefits are provided through this powerhouse nutrient profile:

The LifeWave Theta Nutrition line is a system centered on breakthrough formulas that provide essential and functional nutrients to your body in a targeted and tasteful way. All Theta formulas are made with natural premium ingredients and contain no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives!

The theta brain wave state is known to begin the process of restoring the body to balance, much like our LifeWave patches.

Theta Nutrition Benefits:

Activated, targeted nutrients that go to work in specific areas of your body right away
Most people feel noticeable results within minutes without the use of stimulants
No artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives
Delicious, great-tasting formulas with natural fruit flavors
Gluten free
Single-serve packets for convenient, every day use
Helps you drink more water throughout your day
No drugs, no stimulants, no pills to take

Imagine rapid, drug-free pain relief…Now imagine it’s yours with LifeWave.
• Safe & natural pain relief
• Can be used for whole body & local pain
• Convenient & easy to use
• Fast results

Our exclusive non-transdermal patch system utilizes new technology to gently stimulate acupuncture points — literally improving the flow of energy in the body for improvement of pain and discomfort – within minutes of use

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Lifewave” A Global Health Technology Company

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