How to Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Surveillance Camera

How to Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Surveillance Camera

Apple releases a new iPhone and iPad nearly every year now and if you’re a loyal Apple user, you most likely have a few extra devices laying around your home collecting dust. If you’ve been wondering what to do with these idle devices, there’s a quick and easy way for you to turn them into a free security camera system for your home or office.

We came across Manything not too long ago and this free downloadable app is available in the Apple app store for your iPhone / iPad. This application uses your iPhone‘s front of rear facing camera to wirelessly record video to the cloud, for free, and is remotely viewable on a separate Apple smart device or on the Manything website.

This video demo will give you a quick walkthrough on how to record and view video captured by your old iPhones or iPads as well as outlining some of the versatile features the app has to offer.

Using Manything on your old iPhone is an excellent way to monitor the inside of a limited area and if your security needs are a bit more stringent, we offer a wide variety of security camera systems for homes and offices of all shapes and sizes.

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