How To Make Money On Youtube | Video Marketing Tips

How To Make Money On Youtube | Video Marketing Tips

Lots of people are asking how to make money online today. Click the link above to get the blueprint, tips and tricks to make money with youtube and other online platforms. I suspect the question is “is it possible to make money with Youtube videos as the marketing medium”. In any event my goal here is to provide some tips about how to make money on Youtube. Because you can.

Youtube is a social networking site, a search engine and an advertising platform all in one. Video marketing using Youtube is definitely a promising way of making money online. Video marketing in general and youtube marketing in particular are attraction marketing platforms that are superb vehicles for meeting people and establishing relationships.

Marketing is personalized like no other platform. People see your face, hear your voice and feel like they know you before you ever get to making an offer. Look at some statistics and you will see why it is possible to make money on Youtube.
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It is the third most popular site on the Internet, just behind Facebook. Google, which is number 1, owns Youtube so Google likes Youtube videos and if you use video marketing, submitting your videos to Youtube might get preferential treatment from Google in terms of search engine rankings.

The volume of traffic on Youtube is enormous. There are more than a Billion unique users per month and more than six Billion hours of videos are watched on Youtube every month and that’s growing fast. If you want to know how to make money on Youtube you need to learn how to get your offers in front of that audience.

0:11 Lots of people are wondering how to make money on youtube
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6:52 get a comprehensive blueprint on how to make money on youtube

Youtube reaches more American adults between the ages of 18 and 34 that any cable network! Youtube is mobile friendly with more than 25% of the traffic on Youtube happening via smartphones and tablets. It has international reach with 70% of the usage from outside the US.

Consequently there are thousands of companies and people who advertise through the Youtube pay per click and other paid advertising avenues offered. The recognize the potential to make money on Youtube. So should you!

Video marketers are already using youtube to generate “free” leads and they know how to make money on Youtube. 50-100 leads per day is not uncommon. I know video marketers who have produced thousands of leads and generated five figure monthly incomes using Youtube marketing alone. And over a period of months, not years!

You don’t need a lot of complicated equipment to learn how to make money on Youtube. All you need is something to sell, an inexpensive webcam, and you can shoot videos. No expensive video editing is needed. Windows Movie Maker or iMovie will do. Producing and uploading a video to Youtube is simple.

In order to make money on Youtube from whatever you promote in your videos you have to get them in front of targeted prospects. To do that you need to do keyword research before you make your videos and then after you upload them you need to do both “On-” and “Off-page” optimization so that people searching for the keywords you use in making your video are able to find you. That’s probably the only complicated and technical thing you need to learn about how to make money on Youtube.

If you do it right your Youtube videos will get leads for you. All you need to do is follow up and convert those leads to sales. The goof thing is that because you have already established a relationship with the people who view your videos and opt in, your chances of conversion to sales are better than for other marketing strategies.

I don’t mean to imply it is easy to learn how to make money on Youtube, I’m just saying it is relatively simple. What I recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to make money on Youtube is that they get a step by step Blueprint and follow if very carefully and consistently.

I have done that and within a very short period I generate leads from Youtube videos every day and it’s growing. Click the link below and I will give you immediate access to a training program that will allow you to learn how to make money on Youtube and finally find the online business success you deserve.
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