FULL DAY OF EATING (IIFYM) | Eating for fat loss

FULL DAY OF EATING (IIFYM) | Eating for fat loss

My first full day of eating video where I show you everything I eat during a day to give you an idea of what my daily diet looks like as I diet to get as shredded as possible for when I compete later this year!

I like to have eggs on toast with mozzarella cheese as my first meal (pre-workout), and it’s where I get most of my fats for the day from.

Post-workout and in the evenings, I get the majority of my proteins in, usually from a variety of meat (in this case it’s pork loin), and also my main carbohydrates and vegetables (purple sweet potato and broccoli).

My favourite snack at the moment is a mixture of cranberries, plain low-fat yoghurt and vanilla whey protein. It’s low in fat, high in fibre and protein, and tastes absolutely delicious!

After making sure I get in enough nutritious food for the day, I allow myself some room for treats 😀 Today, I had 3 peanut butter flavour Tim Tam’s which my little sister brought for us from Australia, and they’re amazing!

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