Diet Plan for Fat Burning – Best weight loss food is Banana – Banana good for weight loss

Diet Plan for Fat Burning – Best weight loss food is Banana – Banana good for weight loss

Diet Plan for Fat Burning – Weight loss for Fat Burning Diet plan
Diet and exercise are twins, they go together. Your kitchen is the place which makes you healthy, slim, flat tummy, strong. Etc….. Many do not know, that how many calories they must eat … they think am eating less quantity, that will help to loose weight, instead ,they gain weight.So diet is very important in our daily life. I’ll clear some myth….eating rice, yes u can eat rice, it turns into glucose and gives energy. But how much you should eat ? Yes , you must eat a cup full of rice in lunch is good. But if you eat more than that it turns into fat, coz you are not doing any work, rather you are relaxing, it turns into fat. A Labor can eat stomach full of rice, coz he works hard thought out the day, it helps him , the glucose gives him energy.

Diet and exercise …you need to do so

Some physical activity, like walking in a park, yoga, gym, swimming, or any outdoor game for minimum 45 minutes. The fat cells release energy to the body and you can do more work, more energetic throughout the day.

Diet helps to look good. Exercise helps you to be strong. Do not eat same food every day, confuse your body with your food and exercise. If you same food, it becomes monotonous. Same coffee ,tea ,in the morning. Same food every day. All these will not help you to look younger, smarter, extra beautiful woman.

So ladies diet ….is eating healthily food, which keeps you energetic throughout the day . Your morning breakfast and dinner time has to be same . Like if you have breakfast at 8am them your dinner time has to be 8pm .
Between each meal you need to have 4hours of gap. Mornings have a healthy detoxifying juice, then have your breakfast, if you are planning to go to gym, yoga, you need to have 2hours of gap to carry on with your workout .exercise religiously every day coz today’s lifestyle one has to take care of their health on their own personal interest. Some times you may feel lazy, to go for a walk, make friends, so that you’ll get interested to to for your regular exercise. Day by day health improves, you think positive, you look beautiful, you get compliments….which helps you to live a healthy life.

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