Buy New Amazon Kindle For Sale, Best Kindle Review, Deals @

Buy New Amazon Kindle For Sale, Best Kindle Review, Deals @

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The third generation of Amazon Kindle tablets sold incredibly well, or so claims the maker of these devices, in what might be a PR move. Right now, we know that the new Kindle sold in 4 weeks more units than any other previous generation slate from Amazon. If you’re wondering what the deal is with the new Kindle, know that the device is 15% lighter and does 20% faster page turns.
Third-gen Kindle provides 50% better contrast and a month of battery life, all for $139. There’s an E-ink screen on board, in case you were wondering and a new sleek design, that’s 15% lighter (8.5 ounces). Storage has been doubled to 3,500 books and the above mentioned screen doesn’t suffer from glare effect in bright sunlight.

Amazon Kindle 3 e-book reader 3G wireless and Wi-Fi Edition specifications

Size: 190 mm x 123 mm x 8.5 mm

Weight: 247 grams

Colours: White and Graphite

Technology: E-ink Electronic paper display
Resolution 600 x 800 pixel at 167 ppi
Size: 6.0-inches (diagonal)
Colours 16 shades of grey
Reads just like ordinary paper
Manual Screen Rotation: Potrait or Landscape view
Adjustable text size 8 sizes
Adjustable font style 3 styles
Zoom images to full display size
Price 189 USD Buy Now

Monthly network bill: free, No monthly bill


US Networks: UMTS/HSDPA (3G) and GPRS/EDGE on GSM Exclusive to AT&T US

International Networks: UMTS/HSDPA and GPRS/EDGE on GSM in over 100 countries

Wireless content delivery Technology: Amazon Whispernet

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g

Type: Memory card
Capacity: 4 GB (approximately 3GB available for user content)
Book capacity: more than 3,500 books
Supported Formats
Kindle, MS Word, TXT, HTML, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PRC, mobi, PDF, Audible, PRS
Page Turn button
QWERTY Keyboard
Five Way Navigation control
Kindle Store
Number of Kindle titles: over 630,000
New York Time Bestseller: 109 of 111 New york times bestsellers
Over 1.8 Million Free, Out-of-Copyright, Pre-1923 titles
Newspapers, magazines, and blogs also available
Average price of Kindle books: about 9 USD (cheaper than paperback editions)
Sample books: First few pages available for free
Number in Box: 1
charge time: 4 hours 30 minutes
Battery Life: 10 days (with wireless on)
Battery Life: one month (with wireless off)
Charge method: Power adapter or USB 2.0 cable via computer
Other features:
USB 2.0
Read-to-me feature: Kindle reads to you
New Oxford Dictionary with over 250,000 entries
free wireless access to Wikipedia online encyclopaedia
Experimental browser (Webkit based)
built-in PDF Reader
3.5mm audio jack
Voice Guide: Read-to-Me menus
media player: mp3, podcasts
Whispersync: Synchronise your reading across different Kindle devices
Social Network Integration: Share passages on Twitter & Facebook
Personal online media library
Popular Highlights
Wireless Access to Wikipedia
Collections: Orginise your library
Password Protection
Built-in Search search feature (online/offline)
Bookmarks and Annotations
Download audio books from
Each Kindle pack comes with the following:
Kindle Electronic Reader
Power adapter
USB 2.0 cable
Rechargable battery
Ships to: US, UK, South Africa, Ghana, Germany, Australia and over 100 countries

Whispernet available in: US, UK, South Africa, Germany, Australia and over 100 countries

Other Amazon Kindle editions
Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi edition
Amazon Kindle DX
Prices of Amazon Kindle editions
Amazon Kindle with 3G wireless plus Wi-Fi — 189 USD
Amazon Kindle with Wi-Fi only — 139 USD
Amazon Kindle DX — 379 USD
Amazon Kindle Accessories:
Amazon Kindle leather book cover:
Amazon Kindle Reading Lights: This will enable you read in the dark
Kindle Replacement battery: spare battery
Memory card: Increase the quantity of Kindle titles you can carry on your e-book reader
Kindle Solar charger: Charge your Kindle anywhere, all you need is sunlight
Universal charger: Charge your spare battery.

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