Blood Sugar or Glucose in Diabetes – Hindi Language. Dr Anup, MD Teaches series.

Blood Sugar or Glucose in Diabetes – Hindi Language. Dr Anup, MD Teaches series.

High levels of blood glucose define diabetes. To understand diabetes and how to manage it well, it is essential to understand sources of glucose in our blood, how normal levels are maintained and what happens in diabetes.

Balanced interaction between carbohydrates in food, glucose in blood and insulin in our body results into normal blood glucose levels. Loss of this balance causes high blood sugar levels. Once you understand this interaction well, you are in a much better position to understand and even self manage your diabetes on a day to day basis, says Dr. Anup, MD

That is exactly what this presentation does. It empowers you to understand dynamics of blood glucose better. Diabetes is defined as the disease with high blood sugar levels. Why do the levels of blood sugar go up in diabetes? How they are brought down by using various treatments. Why do they sometimes go too low and what is the danger associated. To understand these first we need to understand what is blood glucose? From where does it come in our blood? How is it maintained in the normal range in those without diabetes? What is the role of insulin in maintaining normal blood sugars? Only after you understand all this about blood glucose you will know how to control your diabetes better. You will also be in a position to prevent complications relating to high and low blood sugars.

This 45 minute video answers all these questions and some more.

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